Top Twenty Event

Top Twenty

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Ballroom B, Roberts Centre, Wilmington, Ohio

Judging begins at 6:30 P.M. with an hour of social fun preceding this gala event.

Formal dress required for judges and exhibitors.


Top Twenty Qualifiers

June 1, 2022 thru February 28, 2023

Please note this list is only through February 28, 2023.

GCh Bagatelle Master Of The Moon

GChS Bagatelle Rainbow Moon

GChB Blueshadow Gator’s Full Moon

GCh Blueshadow Rio’s Harvest Moon SWN

GCh Brightcut Carolina Beach FDC BCAT TKN

GChB Bugaboo’s Let It Be

GCh Bugaboo’s Maryn  On The Move

GCh Celtic Cross Bright Moon At Snowdowne

Ch Ken-Bear’s Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

GChB Lakewood’s Over The Moon For Brightcut FDC ACT1J CGCA TKN

Ch Lambluv’s Dancin’ To Oh What A Knightland

GCh Lambluv’s Dancing Queen

GCh Lambluv’s Merriewe We Shoot For The Stars

GChS Lorien The Portrait BCAT

GChS Love’N Stuff One For The Road

GChB Masquerade Making Sparks Fly FDC

GCh Msty Mtn’s Pride And Passion From Cottondog

Ch Norstar Guardian Of The Galaxy RN FDC NFP CGC TKN

GChS Peek-A-Boo’s Emma Stone

GChB Roseberry Sidekick *

GChB Shaggy Stars The Thunder Rolls

GChP Squarecote Royalty On The Move

GCh Tana’s Orange Crush TKI

GCh Whimzy Cant Stop Me Now At Bear Dance

GCh Whimzy Eight Days A Week

GCh Whimzy Good Luck Charm At Dolcevita Golden Years

GChS Wynsilot Ain’T Misbehavin *

GCh Wynward’s Talk About That

Includes 2 Past Winners *

Includes 5 ties