OESCA 2018 National Specialty – Online Auction

We are very excited to announce our 2018 National Specialty Online Facebook Auction !!

(In Facebook just search for OESCA 2018 national specialty – online auction)

Click here to go directly to the 2018 National Specialty Facebook Online Auction.

When the auction goes live you will be able to join. The auction will run from May through the end of September so be on the lookout!

We have a variety of items donated from vendors, businesses, artists, collectors and dog fanciers from across the globe! We will be listing two to three or more items every 2 weeks. The items “retail” prices vary from $15 to well over $1,500, to priceless one-of-a-kinds.

The instructions for bidding will be listed on the Facebook Page.

If you do not have access to Facebook feel free to call Gigi Goesling 817-454-5706 for information about current auction items and bidding. We would like to give a big shout-out and thank you for all those that have contributed to our auction. It is still not too late if you would like to donate to our auction, so please contact Gigi Goesling with your donation information!