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Judges Critique - GPOESC 2014 Regional Specialty

By Chantal Andrew

I would like to thank all the exhibitors and show personnel who made my judging assignment so pleasurable. I had some lovely dogs to judge. As in most breeds the OES is still running into problems with fronts. Though I saw many “balanced” dogs, this just meant that the front was as straight as the rear and still lacking in reach and drive.  Though I personally prefer a larger dog, I found quite a few smaller dogs that ‘fit the package deal ’ better. Generally speaking, I found that stops were becoming more shallow and loins longer, however, coats were what most impressed me for the quality on most of my dogs and bitches.
I will enumerate what most pleased me about the winners of each class.

  1. 6-9 puppy dog

    7- Correct topline, strong head, square and beautiful shoulders which lead to good movement. Though young and immature, I rewarded this dog WD because I believe he had the best front of all the males in the classes on the day. I hope to see him go far in his show career.
    I unfortunately had to excuse a limping dog from this class.

  2. 9-12 puppy dog

    15- I withheld ribbons and gave a 2nd place as I could not go over the head of the dog, though he did permit me to review his body even though he leaned into the owner. This dog was afraid and the handler agreed he needed more socialization before showing him again.

  3. 12-15 months

    19-  Square dog, nice topline good head and balanced.

  4. 15-18 months

    23 - Nice head, good movement, correct topline. He moved too fast for the owner to keep up which did not compliment his structure.

  5. Bred By

    27- Nice square, short in loin, good topline, had a little more drive than reach. Awarded RWD.

  6. Open

    31- Good movement, correct topline, great coat

  1.  6-9 Puppy bitch

    12- Moved better than 2nd placed bitch. She has a shorter loin and is more balanced.

  2. 9-12 puppy

    16 – Lovely picture, square, correct topline, balanced, short loin. Rewarded her RWB.

  3. 12-15 months

     26- A little long, surprisingly has more reach than drive. She may grow a little and become more      balanced.

  4. 15-18  months

    28- Pulled all the way around the ring. Did not appear to want to be there. Would have loved to see her more naturally shown (looser leash), otherwise nice standing still.

  5. AOHB

    30- Nice to see an entry in this class. Short, balanced, good coat, prefer more reach and drive.

  6. Bred By

    48- Compact bitch, very good shoulders, good topline, a little long in loin. In consideration for RWB.

  7. Open

    58- Smaller bitch but compact, good head, topline, coat and very balanced reach and drive. Lovely movement. Awarded WB. Also gave her BOW

9 dogs, 7 bitches

What a lovely assembly of Champions. I did dogs first and then re-invited the bitches back into the ring to compete. Two dogs caught my eye immediately.  And I went on to reward them.
53- Best of Opposite Sex - Beautiful dog, everything about him was exceptional, coat, head, topline, bone, loin and he just out moved, by a hair, of the Select dog.
51- Select Dog - Unfortunately for him, he was in competition with my BOS dog (as well as my AOM dogs). I like everything about this dog as well, but today #53 had more spunk and showmanship in him.
I originally inquired if there was any AOM to be awarded and was informed not. However, once everyone was excused I was informed that there were 4 AOMs to be given so the champions had to be called back in along with my WD and WB.
AOM- 59 and 69 both champions, deserved a second look and the overall picture and memory of what I liked remained to single them out.
74 Best of Breed- When I saw her move around the ring the first time I prayed she was as good under the coat as she looked on the move and she was. I later found out that she is a litter mate to my Select Dog. Consistency on behalf of the breeder (and judge). What a gorgeous bitch. If only I had one like her when I was showing and breeding. For me she has everything I would want in a WORKING bitch, as I am sure she could handle the job of herding sheep and doing it well and effortlessly.
84- Select Bitch –Another lovely bitch, though she had strong competition with the two AOM bitches. She just presented a lovely picture and moved very well. It was hard to beat my BOB but she did an admirable job in overall quality and movement.
AOM- 72 and 80, again two lovely bitches that could do the breed proud. Both very feminine yet could easily work all day with easy movement good bodies and great coats.

Thank you again for giving me the honor to judge my original breed at a specialty. I am sorry the weather was not more inviting for all, but the dogs did not seem to mind.

Chantal Andrew