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2011 Top Twenty Old English Sheepdogs

June 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011

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GCH Aryakas Hermes
GCH Bagatelle Carrousel De La Lune
GCH Barkshire's Jim Dandy
GCH Cottonwood Man In The Moon
GCH Deja Blu Deal Me In
GCH Haystac's Bright North Star
GCH Lambluv Gambolon Blue Thunder
GCH Lambluv's Daytime Hustler
GCH Loehr's Major Attraction
GCH Love'N Stuff Mak'N A Difference
GCH Masquerade Mikey Likes It
GCH Shagshadow's Sweet Emma
GCH Snowdowne When In Rome
GCH To-Jo Rhapsody In Blue Denim
GCH To-Jo's Stormy Weather Lanward
GCH To-Jo's Sweet Tune Lanward
GCH Whisperwood's Wild Horse
GCH Windchymes Change Of Winds Christopher
GCH Windfall Slam Dunk
GCH Wylecote Woolgatherer