"PLEASE CHECK FIRST WITH ROGERS (601.583.1110) AND DEA( TO SEE IF EITHER HAS RECEIVED YOUR ENTRY. Until Rogers gets our 48 page premium list scanned and on-line (probably Monday), they will be accepting entries via fax and phone at the same (reduced) rate as they normally charge for on-line entries. Instead of it being $4.25 per entry, it will be $2.25. The correct phone numbers to phone in an entry or fax in entries are as below.
In summary, the best way for exhibitors to enter the show is by fax or phone to Kevin Rogers.
Phone: 601-583-1110
Fax: 601-582-9909

Effective immediately send all OESCA National Specialty and WROESC Specialty Entries to the following new address: 

Rogers Dog Shows

P.O. Box 230

Hattiesburg, MS  39403 

Overnight Deliveries To:

 Rogers Dog Shows

1007 W. Pine Street

Hattiesburg, MS  39401                                                                                         

On-Line Entry Service:

Rogers Dog                                           

Dea Freiheit will be the on-site Show Secretary               

Closing Date:  Wednesday, September 5, 2007 6:00 PM CDT



Credit Card and Last Minute Entries will be accepted at:


Best In Show Entry Service

P.O. Box 90228

Palmdale, CA  93590-2288

Phone:  800-247-7005

Fax:  888-247-3647




If you sent your entries to the previous address prior to receiving this notice please provide the

information below to Dea Freiheit.  This information will assist in a smooth transition of entries.


Dea Freiheit OESCA On-Site Show Secretary PO Box 336, Coulee City, WA   99115

e-mail: phone: 509/632-0011



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Name(s) of Owner(s) ___________________________________________________________


Contact Name ________________________________________________________________


Contact Phone & E-Mail Address ________________________________________________