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Important Message from the OESCA President

This message was e-mailed to the OESCA Membership on August 9th 2012

This past week, sensitive information has been shared on several OES Lists about the Studies with CA and the progress that has been made.  Some of these details have been very misleading, misinformed and misguided by those who have published them without the contact of Dr. Obly .The HRC has invited Dr. Natasha Olby to the 2012 National Specialty to address her Studies and research pertaining to these CA Studies. We, as the OESCA Board and the HRC along with its membership are very enthused and eager to have her come and present the "exact" precise details of her progress in the CA Research. We encourage all to attend this event and get the proper information from the researcher her self and not the 'hearsay" of others not properly informed.

For those who are unable to attend this 2012 National Specialty and Dr. Olby's speech. We will provide ALL the information on the web site as quickly as we can. Hopefully we will have it recorded so that those of you who not able to attend .....will be able to see the presentation as if you were there on the web site as well. As OESCA members, we want everyone to enjoy this news and be a part of this special event.

When the OESCA and the HRC enters into a Study such as this, we sign a Sponsorship Confidentiality Agreement with the CHF and the Research Group. It is "our word" on the line that we will not do anything to jeopardize the Study or those involved doing it. This is why we have invited Dr. Olby to join us. She is the researcher that has accomplished discovering a marker for the CA, But while she has had the marker for awhile....... she has been performing a lot of work to confirm the findings and PROVE that she truly has it. Otherwise this information would have been released sooner.

I ask each of you..... to keep this in mind and please do not go by the information of others until you come to the Specialty and have it directly from Dr. Olby. We have waited a very long time with this and we as a Club are just as excited to release the results as we get them ourselves. But we have an obligation  in the "Agreement"  we have signed that we must be able to have these Research groups TRUST our signature on that line. Otherwise.....WHY? Would they want to release any information to us in the future? Its called..... Accountability, Responsibility and Integrity!

Below is the example of the Sponsorship agreement that is signed and agreed upon by the CHF, HRC Chair and Committee of the Breed Club that we must follow:

This is  Between the Canine Health Foundation and the Breed Club Sponsoring the Health Research In order to keep you informed about the work you are sponsoring, the CHF shares with you privileged information provided to us by the investigator of the health study you are sponsoring.  Investigators are understandably sensitive about who has access to information due to high level of competition for health study dollars. We appreciate their concerns and to maintain integrity with investigators we ask that the information you receive about the study you are sponsoring remain protected.

The undersigned understands that information received from the AKC Canine Health Foundation about any study is privileged. As the representative of the Breed Club, I will respect the confidentiality of any information concerning the projects. Also, I will not reproduce or disseminate in any manner the documents I receive from the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

Look Forward seeing everyone at this years Nationals and My Best to all......

Douglas Johnson
OESCA President