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History of the OESCA Open Health Registry

In July 2006, the OESCA Board voted to establish an Old English Sheepdog Registry with CHIC, the Canine Health Information Center.  In June 2007, the OESCA membership made history with a vote to establish a Voluntary Open CA Registry.  These milestones for our breed exemplify the commitment of breeders and owners to the health and welfare of Old English Sheepdogs.  A health registry was developed which the HRC gave the name of the OESCA Open Health Registry with the goal of including other diseases besides CA as the need arose.  In 2012 the genetic marker for CA was found and an Open CA Registry was no longer needed.  It was now possible to have your dog's DNA tested for carrier, clear, or affected status and register the results with OFA.

Since its inception, the decision was made to not duplicate the health registries in place that we utilize in the OESCA Open Health Registry.  We encourage breeders and owners to use the OFA (www.offa.org) and the CHIC registry www.caninehealthinfo.org) to record health data on their dogs because of the professionalism, continuity, and accuracy of these organizations.

OESCA requires the following health tests for a CHIC certification:

  1. OFA for hips
  2. OFA or CERF for eyes
  3. OFA for thyroid

OESCA recommends the following optional CHIC health tests:

  1. OFA for heart
  2. OFA for hearing (BAER test)
  3. OFA for CD (Cerebellar Degeneration DNA test)
  4. OFA for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse DNA test)
  5. OFA for PCD ( Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia DNA test)
  6. OFA for MDR1 (Multi-Drug Resistance DNA test)

Our goals for the OESCA Health Registry have changed and will continue to change over the years as more DNA tests become available for health problems in the Old English Sheepdog.  Our constant goal is to encourage ALL Old English Sheepdog breeders and owners to participate in health registries and databases for the reduction and prevention of disease by release of ALL abnormal and normal test results.

The Health and Research Committee 2013